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What is EMS?

EMS is a full body workout that stimulates up to 99% of body muscles. 20 minutes is equivalent to 4 hours of standard gym training.

Is EMS safe and does it hurt?

YES, it is safe.
EMS training has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective by reputable doctors, and sports professional.

NO, it is not painful.
The sensation of electrical current stimulating your muscles is unusual but something most people get used to very quickly.

What should be the training frequency?

To get optimum results 2 sessions per week is advised.

Do I have to stop my usual sport activities?

NO, you can complete your week with Yoga, Pilates, Running or all medium muscular intensity activities.

When can I expect to see results?

You can start to notice positive results after only 4 weeks!
Scientific studies have shown the following results after 12 weeks:
– 9% body fat loss
– 30% increase in strength
– 89% of people felt stronger and fitter.

For faster results, a healthy diet is strongly recommended.

Is EMS for everyone?

Yes, EMS training is for everyone over 18 years old.

Unfortunately, if you have a pacemaker or if you are pregnant, you cannot participate in EMS training.

Please find below the conditions requiring medical agreement from your doctor should you want to start with EMS:

Inguinal hernia



Advanced arteriosclerosis

Acute bacterial

Viral infections



Severe circulatory disorder


Arteriosclerosis at an advanced stage, arterial circulatory disorders

Severe neurological disease

Diabetes mellitus

Bleeding, increased bleeding tendency (haemophilia)

Liver diseases

Wounds, inflammation, burns, skin irritations, eczema in the electrode area

You need to consult a doctor if you have one of these conditions.