A new way of training

EMS training has huge popularity in Europe is steadily gaining momemtum in the US as now set to take Australia by storm.​

What is EMS?

EMS training has huge popularity in Europe, is steadily gaining momentum in the US and is now set to take Australia by storm.

EMS stands for electro muscular stimulation. In training, an EMS machine sends impulses to your muscles, stimulating them to perform a contraction. The electrical impulses mimic the natural electrical signals that are sent from your brain to the muscle when they are required to perform any action. The difference being, the EMS machine engages 100% of your muscle fibres, whereas your brain only uses a certain number of muscle fibres for each contraction. The contraction is of greater quality and consistency.

How does it work?

EMS training is extremely efficient and effective and in only 20 minutes you can do a workout that is equivalent to training for 4 hours at the gym. Clients wear a comfortable, specialised suit fitted with electrodes that are in individual contact with 8 large muscle groups of the body, including supportive and postural muscles, allowing for a personally tailored full body workout. At 20Pulses, clients are cared for and under the guidance of a certified personal trainer. Throughout the 20 minute workout, clients will perform various low impact, safe and individually tailored movements to help them reach their fitness and performance goals.

Why choose EMS?

  • Fast and effective
  • Low Impact
  • Personalised
  • Only 20 minutes
  • Full body workout
  • Once or twice per week
  • Deeply effective
  • Safe
  • Beneficial to all body types and goals

How are the results?

Throughout the 20-minute workout, we will perform various low impact, safe and individually tailored movements to help you reach your fitness and performance goals.

The results of EMS training include improved strength and power, increased muscle mass and lean muscle tone, decreased body fat, improved posture, reduced back pain, decrease cellulite and faster metabolism.

Is it safe?​

YES, it is safe. EMS training has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective by reputable doctors and sports professionals.

It has huge popularity in Europe, is steadily gaining momentum in the US and is now set to take Australia by storm.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, EMS training is for everyone over 18 years old.

Unfortunately, due to the technological nature of the training, if you have a pacemaker or if you are pregnant, you cannot participate in EMS training. Our duty of care to our clients is our top priority!

Please find below the conditions requiring medical agreement from your doctor should you want to partake in EMS training:

  1. Inguinal hernia or abdominal wall hernias.
  2. Recent operations
    Open wounds.
  3. Tumours or cancer.
  4. Tuberculosis.
  5. Acute arthritis.
  6. Advanced stage arteriosclerosis.
  7. Acute bacterial diseases or viral infections.
  8. Fever.
  9. Untreated high blood pressure.
  10. Thrombosis.
  11. Cardiac arrhythmia
    Haemophilia or bleeding disorders.
  12. Severe circulatory disorder or arterial circulatory disorders.
  13. Progressive muscular dystrophy.
  14. Neurological disorders or epilepsy.
  15. Large accumulation of fluid in the body.
  16. Varicose veins.
  17. Diabetes mellitus.
  18. Diseases affecting the internal organs.
  19. Lymphedema.
  20. Wounds, inflammation, burns, skin irritations, eczema on the abdomen, back, upper legs or upper arms.

You need to consult a doctor if you have one of these conditions and bring a signed medical clearance.

It doesn’t take long to see your efforts and commitment pay off here at 20Pulses. Naturally, with different starting points and different bodies results vary slightly for each of us, although below are the impressive results our clients notice:

  • Instantly — after 20 minutes you will notice a stronger proprioreceptor connection, improved posture, better mood and clearer head space.
  • In the next 2 days — you will feel that your muscles have worked out and are in the recovery process, in which you will have a temporary increase in metabolism.
  • After ONLY 4 WEEKS of 20Pulses — you can start to notice positive VISUAL RESULTS in your body!
  • After 12 WEEKS — scientific studies have shown results in the following:
    • 9% body fat loss.
    • 30% increase in strength.
    • 89% of people felt stronger and fitter.

For faster results, a healthy diet is strongly recommended.

Jewellery that will not get in your way or inconvenience you while moving is fine. Piercings are generally fine as well. If you are unsure, talk to your trainer pre-session.

NO, it is not painful. The sensation of electrical impulses stimulating your muscles is unusual, but something most people get used to very quickly and begin to appreciate and enjoy the feeling.

You will likely notice muscle soreness in the days after your session, due to your muscles having worked hard. This is what we call DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and is the part of the muscle recovery and strengthening process.

No need for shoes, gym clothes, sweat towel or shower towel. It’s all provided here for you. Whilst taking part in the session you will be in bare feet or socks (your preference) and you will wear a suit of the electrodes, which we will have prepared for you. For your first session you may loan a specialised outfit that goes under the . For hygiene and time saving purposes, we will require you to purchase your own personal undergarment for ongoing sessions.

We have showers and a collection of amenities, including a hair dryer, for your convenience post session.

In the first month of training at 20Pulses we recommend that you do one 20-minute session per week. After one month, and when you are familiar with the training and understand your body’s recovery process, you have the option to progress to two 20-minute sessions per week or remain with one 20-minute session per week. Your 20Pulses trainers will be the best person for advice if you are unsure of you training frequency after one month. Consistency is key!

Drink plenty of fluids and refuel your body with good quality food, including protein. Try to avoid remaining sedentary for the 2-3 hours post session, light walking is ideal or regular movements during long sitting periods is ideal. In the 48 hours after your 20Pulses session avoid weightlifting or intense/strenuous workouts. Gentle stretching, yoga, walking, jogging and swimming are all wonderful activities to assist in your muscle recovery. For more information have a chat to your 20Pulses Personal Trainer in studio, we love to help!

No, you can continue with any sports and activities you are already doing. Strength training should be avoided in the 48 hours after you session so you muscle have time to fully recover — this is very important! Yoga, low-intensity pilates, walking, stretching, swimming or saunas are all favourable post-session.

YES, you can! So long as you both book the same session time you will be able to train with your friend or partner. You will have one trainer per two clients and they will be able to make your sessions the same or different depending on you needs and preferences.

YES, as a valued 20Pulses member you are able to attend your sessions at any location. Please book your session at your desired location. Call, text or email us if you have any trouble, we are always happy to help.

YES, all locations have shower facilities, change rooms and amenities such as hair dryers, towels and L’Occitane products (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, etc).

There is free one-two hour parking at both locations. In Brighton, there is also ample free all day parking. Prahran studio is just meters from, what will be, a brand new undercover car park. The car park is currently under construction and due to be completed in June 2019. Please allow extra travel time to allow for temporary road closures and traffic in Prahran. We kindly ask you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment at either location.

You will likely feel some muscle soreness following your 20Pulses session. This may occur immediately, the next day or within the next two days. Often, new clients will feel nothing the day after, then the next day after that they will feel temporary muscle soreness. This muscle soreness is completely normal and is part of the body’s natural process of recovery. Please look after you body in this time and do not engage in strength training or highly strenuous exercise in the 48 hours after your EMS training.

YES, it is safe. EMS training has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective by reputable doctors and sports professionals.

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